The conference

General summaries

A look back at AFem2014, by a member of the organising group.

“At a moment of backlash”, one organiser’s take on accessibility and accountability around AFem2014.

A Storify of tweets from the day.

Session notes and summaries

More info will be added to this page as more and more people write up their experiences of the day, so watch this space.


Set up for the day, briefing safer spaces volunteers.


General meeting. This covered the background to the event, discussed the safer spaces agreement and what it means in practice, and gave space to ask questions about the safer spaces agreement.

After this, participants discussed their hopes for the event, with the aim of structuring the 5pm feedback session.


Introduction to anarchafeminism.


Workplace organising: Anarchafeminists at work and in workers’ organisations

Anti-fascism: what one of the Berkshire Antifascists members contributed.

Latin America

Victim-survivor led challenges to violence and abuse in our communities: write-up at Project Salvage

Middle East


Sex workers only session


Gender and capitalism: audio recordings


People of Colour only session

Empty Cages anti-prison workshop

Can’t Fuck/Won’t Fuck, based on the zine FUCKED: on being sexually dysfunctional in sex-positive queer scenes


Reproductive rights: An international approach: write-up by @fleabite531

Radical approaches to mental health


The Personal is the Political, Revisited: Anarchism in Love, Sex and Relationships

Disabled people only session: personal write-up

Trans people only session


Reproductive rights: Campaigning and direct action: write-up by @fleabite531.

Sex Workers Open University

Accountability processes: write-up


People of Colour feedback for all attending the conference

Disability, health and the anarchist movement

What is gender? a trans-led workshop: the whiteboard notes, a personal write-up of the transphobic hate at the end.


The various strands reported back to the main group, and people discussed ideas and plans for the short-term future.

One comment

  1. Link posted regarding terfs disruptive outbusts at seminar. My question, what is anarchfeminism? Terf have become an issue in the US as transfolk advocate for human rights. So my interest lies in feminism and threads of it from the 1960’s on up to today. Any links to reading materials send to
    No hurry! Thank you.

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