AFEM2014 statement regarding the French Anarchist Federation. TW Rape Apologism

AFEM2014 statement regarding the French Anarchist Federation

Trigger warning: Rape Apologism

When we started organising this anarchafeminist project, organisers either did not know about the situation at the last congress of the French Anarchist Federation (Fédération Anarchiste or FA), or had been assured the issue had been resolved. Actually, since the wave of resignations at their last congress, nothing has been done to make the FA or some of its members accountable or safer.

You can see the resignation letters of two comrades and organisers of Afem here:

When the issue was raised on our own organising list, it was made painfully obvious by some people’s reactions that there was no will from the FA or its members to acknowledge any wrongdoing or apologise, which caused harm to our members. We wish to apologise for this and state that we will always hold a believing stance towards people who call us or anybody else out, and will soon draft a Safer Space Policy which makes it clear and easier to enforce.

We offer our full support to our comrades, and will not be welcoming any official support or funding from the FA, and incite them to review their mode of organising and their behaviours to conform to what we see as fundamental principles of anarchism.


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  1. The FA has been known for decades for being anti feminist, it isn’t new at all, several generations of FA women members have left the organization slamming the door! texts are on this website somewhere :
    The FA in france is quite marginal anyway. They make a lot of noise because theyve got money. Many unformal groups exist who dont make as much noise. Theyre not all better, but you can tell there is a tension between the FA and other groups all around fRance.

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