Afem2014 timetable

AFem2014 October 19th Bancroft Building, Queen Mary University.

Bold means that these are confirmed sessions. Non-bold means that we can practically support these meetings if you would make them happen. Please contact us a.s.a.p.

Please click on the timetable for a fuller view of it. A pdf of this timetable is available here:

Final timetable



  1. Thanks for providing the timetable but could you please upload a larger image? Even at 100% the text is small and difficult to read.

  2. Dear Friends,

    Congratulations on creating this event, I know that a huge amount of work must have gone into it already.

    I’m organising a meeting at the Anarchist Bookfair but can’t make it on Sunday. I do support the aims of AFEM 2014 and would like to extend solidarity.

    Please let me extend a warm invitation to any AFEM attendees to our meeting on Saturday 1-3. The blurb from the Bookfair is below:

    ‘Women Against Fundamentalism: 25 years of resisting fundamentalism and racism’

    Pragna Patel and Sukhwant Dhaliwal will reflect on key moments in the life and times of Women Against Fundamentalism, a diverse coalition of women engaged in anti-racist and anti-fundamentalist feminist politics. In this 25th year since WAF was founded, Pragna and Sukhwant will talk about WAF’s political positions with a view to starting a discussion about the following:

    · The importance of anti-fundamentalist campaigns for radical politics;
    · Resisting the fundamentalist focus on women;
    · Challenging both transnational religious right movements and neo imperialism;
    · Questioning identity politics

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