CALL-OUT: How was AFem2014 for you?

The dust has settled. The organisers have slept a bit. People who didn’t even attend AFem2014 are expounding their ideas on social media.

The outpouring of support was so amazing, but we all know that the event wasn’t perfect.

We need your help to make any future events even more enjoyable, even more effective, even more militant than last week’s. Here’s what you can do:

  1. FILL OUT OUR FEEDBACK SURVEY! Whether you were a facilitator, a safer spaces volunteers, an organiser or an attendee, your feedback would really help us. Put in as much or as little info as you want. Don’t worry about being critical, we’ve got thick skins.
  2. LET PEOPLE KNOW HOW IT WAS! Don’t just let us know how it was. If you’ve got a blog, write that shit up. If you’re in an organisation, feed back to the other members. If you do write something up, even if it’s just a Facebook post, let us know! (either via afem[at] or on social media)
  3. GIVE US YOUR PHOTOS! We’d love photographic evidence of the day too! Again, you can email them to afem[at], or send them to us on social media.
  4. HELP MAKE AFEM2015 A REALITY! We don’t know if there even will be an AFem2015, or whether the organising group will divert energies into other anarchafeminist projects. But either way, the more organisers the merrier. Make sure you leave your email at the end of the feedback survey, or again contact us via email or social media.

Bonne chance! Our feedback form:



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